Should You Buy or Hire an Access Platform?

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Access equipment plays a critical role in a range of industries and environments, from construction to warehousing. Scissor lifts, cherry pickers and other mobile elevated work platforms ensure safe and efficient access when carrying out jobs at height.

But should you purchase or hire access platforms for your business? This can be a complex decision to make, with various factors to consider. This includes the nature of your project, your budget, storage space and your short-term and long-term needs.

In this article, we will compare and contrast access platform sales and hire arrangements so that you can make an informed choice.

Advantages of Buying an Access Platform

Purchasing an access platform, whether it’s a scissor lift or articulated boom lift, means that you’ll own the machinery outright. This can be an attractive option for businesses with capital to spare, and whose day-to-day operations necessitate working at height.

The main benefits of buying an access platform include:

  • Long-term cost savings for businesses that use access equipment frequently. Owning your equipment eliminates recurring hire fees and allows you to manage your resources effectively.
  • Customisation and adaptability. As you are not bound by a hire contract, you are free to modify your mobile access work platform (MEWP) to suit your needs, giving you greater control over its performance.
  • Asset depreciation benefits. Owning equipment allows you to claim tax deductions over time, reducing your overall financial burden.

With trusted suppliers such as TAG Forklift Truck Services, you can choose between new and used models for sale. Brand-new machinery will have the most up-to-date features and may have a longer lifespan. However, buying second-hand means you can access refurbished equipment in good working order for a reduced price.

Disadvantages of Buying an Access Platform

There are some potential downsides to be aware of when buying access equipment.

Firstly, the initial investment cost can be high, making it a significant financial commitment for businesses. Brand new cherry pickers, for example, can cost upwards of £100,000. This may not be feasible for smaller companies or those with limited budgets.

Owning an access platform also means taking responsibility for maintenance and storage. Regular servicing, repairs, and secure storage facilities can add to your long-term costs and operational requirements.

Technological advancements can lead to equipment obsolescence, making your purchased platform less effective over time. This can result in additional costs when upgrading to newer models.

Advantages of Access Platform Hire

Mobile access platform hire is the ideal option for businesses with fluctuating or seasonal demand. Rental contracts offer a number of clear benefits over buying the equipment outright. For example:

  • Flexibility and scalability. You can adjust the duration and terms of the rental contract according to your project’s needs, from casual to long-term arrangements.
  • No large capital outlay: Hiring eliminates the need for a substantial initial investment, making it more budget-friendly, particularly for smaller companies.
  • Maintenance included: Many access equipment hire companies, such as TAG Forklift Trucks, provide servicing and repairs throughout your contract. This reduces your long-term costs and helps you to make the most of your access platform.
  • Reduced storage needs: With temporary rental agreements, you don’t need to store the equipment when not in use, saving valuable space and resources.
  • Regular equipment upgrades: Access platform hire gives you the opportunity to work with the latest models, ensuring you’re always using up-to-date technology. This is beneficial both in terms of safety and efficiency.

You’ll also have the ability to swap out your machinery alongside the changing needs of your business. This includes having additional equipment on-hand as needed for seasonal demand.

Disadvantages of Hiring an Access Platform

The main disadvantage of MEWP rental is the fact that long-term hire costs can add up. This means that, over the long-term, it can become more expensive than purchasing equipment outright. This is especially true for companies that frequently use access platforms in all aspects of their operations.

Your options may also be more limited when it comes to MEWP hire. Access platform rental companies may not have all models available at all times, depending on supply and demand. You may have to plan your construction projects around equipment availability, or compromise on your preferred model. It’s always important to choose a reputable supplier that prioritises customer satisfaction, such as TAG Forklift Trucks.

Explore Access Platforms for Hire and Sale with TAG Forklift Truck Services

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