Bolzoni Attachments

Bolzoni is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of Forklift Truck Attachments, with the most extensive product range in the market.

The BOLZONI Group has been operating for almost seventy years in the design, production and distribution of forklift lift truck attachments and industrial material handling equipment. The constant attention paid to research and development, technological innovation, the synergy between the strategic and organizational capabilities of a large group and the local production and sales needs, enables us to meet the expectations of each territory, this has contributed to the Group’s expansion worldwide. The Group offers a wide range of products utilized in industrial material handling, in particular forklift truck attachments.


Bolzoni Attachment for rolls

For handling rolls of various materials and sizes. For more details click here – Paper Roll Clamps


Bolzoni Attachment for bales

For handling bales of pulp, waste paper and other materials of all sizes. For more details click here – Waste Paper Bale Clamps


Bolzoni Attachment for bins and boxes

For rotating bins, boxes and containers of all sizes. For more details click here – Rotators


For hydraulic fork positioning. For more details click here – Fork Positioners


For handling of one, two, three or four pallets in beverage industries and breweries. For more details click here – Multi Pallet Handlers


For non palletized goods positioned on slip-sheet. For more details click here – Push Pulls


For handling of white goods and appliances in production sites, logistic centres and forwarding companies. For more details click here – Carton Clamps


Here at Tag Forklifts, we can provide a complete range of Bolzoni attachments to suit your needs, including:


For more information on any of the Bolzoni attachments we can provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.