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Forklift Hire Manchester: Choosing the Right Model

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Are you looking for forklift rental near Manchester? If so, it’s important to select a model that is within your budget and will perform well for your needs.

There are many potential uses for materials handling equipment, all of which require different features. At TAG Forklift Manchester, we offer a range of forklift trucks suited to various environments, from warehouses to construction work.

But how do you go about finding the right forklift – Manchester or anywhere else? Here are seven handy tips on choosing the right materials handling equipment for your project.

1. Determine Your Height and Weight Requirements

All forklift trucks have different specifications with regards to maximum lifting height and load capacity. This is a key factor to consider when looking for forklift truck hire Manchester.

  • The lifting height is the maximum height to which the fork can be raised when the mast is fully extended. For most forklift trucks, this is somewhere between 4-15 metres.
  • The load capacity is the maximum weight that the machine can safely lift. This may be anywhere between 1,000kg and 25,000kg.

Ensure you choose a model that can withstand whatever task you need it for. Also, consider whether your operations may change in future. One great benefit of hiring a forklift is that you can swap out and upgrade your equipment periodically.

2. Choose the Right Power Source

At TAG Forklift Truck Services, our Manchester forklift truck fleet includes a variety of electric, gas and diesel-powered models. Different types of forklifts are designed for different environments, so it’s crucial to choose the right power source for your needs.

For outdoor use, e.g. construction work, the right forklift should be able to reach high speeds and have all-terrain capabilities. You may also need it to run for longer periods without having to be refuelled or recharged. In this case, a diesel forklift truck would be ideal.

Electric forklift trucks are ideal for indoor environments, such as warehouses. They are quiet, economical and release no emissions. Gas forklifts are good all-rounders, typically offering more power than electric models.

3. Consider Different Forklift Truck Brands

There are many different manufacturers of forklift trucks. It’s important to choose a brand that offers great performance and reliability.

Here at TAG, we carry a wide range of new and used forklifts (Manchester). We work with some of the most well-known brands in the materials handling industry, including:

  • Hyundai
  • Linde
  • Combilift
  • Aisle Master

Each of these highly respectable companies are prized for their excellent build quality and innovative designs. Do your research into each brand to decide which is right for your needs. For example, Aisle Master forklifts are designed with great manoeuvrability for navigating through narrow spaces.

If you aren’t sure which forklift brand to choose, speak to an expert at TAG Forklift Truck Services. We’ll be happy to conduct a site survey and then recommend the  make and model that suits your unique requirements.

4. Browse Forklift Truck Attachments and Add-Ons

Along with choosing the right forklift truck, consider whether you’d benefit from any optional accessories or add-ons. There are many forklift attachments available to help you carry out jobs safely and efficiently.

At TAG, we stock all types of forklift fittings such as fork extensions, rotators, bale clamps, lifting jibs and tipping skips. Make sure your chosen forklift truck model is compatible with any attachments required for your operations.

We also provide a range of additional equipment and solutions such as access platforms, racking, fleet management and forklift safety systems. Contact us to find out how we can help you get the most out of your forklift rental Manchester.

5. Decide on the Perfect Manchester Forklift Hire Package

Once you’ve chosen your ideal model and any optional add-ons, the final step is to choose the right forklift hire contract.

At TAG, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and competitive prices. We offer a variety of Manchester forklift rental options to suit any budget and timescale. Choose from:

  • Casual forklift hire on a rolling daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis
  • Short-term contracts ranging from one day to 12 months
  • Long-term forklift rental agreements from 1-5+ years

Regular servicing and full breakdown cover is included with all of our forklift hire packages. What’s more, we offer same day delivery to anywhere in Manchester if you book before noon.

Choose TAG for Forklift Hire Manchester

Looking for forklift trucks, Manchester? TAG Forklift Truck Services is a Manchester-based forklift hire and sale service specialising in quality, flexibility and customer service. We supply all the newest models from leading manufacturers such as Linde and Hyundai.

With decades of experience, you can trust Tag Forklift Truck Services for all your material handling needs. Head to our website to browse a wide range of diesel, electric and gas forklift trucks for hire.

If you’re not sure which model is right for your needs, our team of experts will be happy to advise. Contact TAG Forklift Trucks today to arrange a free consultation and site survey.