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How to Hire a Forklift Truck in Manchester, Step-by-step

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If you’re looking into forklift truck hire – Manchester or anywhere in the North West – TAG Forklift Truck Services can help you get the job done. We offer a fantastic range of forklift trucks for hire at affordable rates. We work with leading industry brands and carry all the latest models to suit your needs.

You can choose from short-term, casual or long-term Manchester forklift hire contracts, all of which include full servicing, maintenance and repairs. Based in Trafford Park, our experienced team can deliver your forklift truck the very same day. Read on for our step-by-step guide to forklift hire, Manchester!

Step 1: Find the Right Model for Your Project

The first step to forklift rental Manchester is choosing the right model. At TAG Forklift Truck Services, we carry a huge variety of forklifts from some of the world’s most reputable manufacturers.

On our website, you can browse a range of diesel, gas and electric forklift trucks to choose from. We offer sizes and specifications fit for any application, from construction to warehouse work.

Do you have a preferred brand, such as Linde or Hyundai? What lifting height and weight capacity does your project require? Do you need an emission-free electric indoor model or a powerful diesel forklift for outdoor use?

If you’re not sure which type of forklift truck you need, give us a call. Our dedicated team will arrange a site visit and provide expert advice on the right machinery for your needs.

Step 2: Browse Our Optional Forklift Truck Add-ons

At TAG Forklift Manchester, our rental forklift truck service is fully customisable according to your project requirements. We supply a range of optional forklift attachments and warehouse equipment to help you boost productivity, work safely and stay organised. Some examples include:

  • Tipping skips
  • Lifting jibs
  • Bale clamps
  • Rotators
  • RedZone lights
  • BlueSpot lights
  • PVC side doors
  • Access platforms
  • Storage equipment
  • Fleet management systems

You can also arrange to have additional equipment on standby in case of any sudden changes to your operations. If you have any specific requirements or challenges, let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

Step 3: Select Your Ideal Forklift Hire Package

Many different industries, worksites and warehouses benefit from forklift rental near Manchester. At TAG Forklift Truck Services, we provide a range of flexible forklift hire options to suit all budgets, timescales and workloads.

Our casual hourly, daily and weekly forklift truck hire agreements are ideal for small-scale and one-off projects. If you’re looking to rent a forklift for your Manchester business on a long-term basis, we offer contracts of up to 5+ years.

Every TAG forklift hire package includes regular maintenance and repairs – with no hidden fees. Our skilled engineers are available whenever you need them should any problems arise.

Step 4: Enjoy Same Day Forklift Delivery Across Manchester

We know that the success of your business depends upon meeting strict deadlines. If machinery malfunctions or your operations suddenly increase, you need a speedy solution. That’s why we are proud to offer fast, reliable forklift truck delivery anywhere in the North West.

TAG Forklift Truck Services is based in Trafford Park. We have easy access to all of Greater Manchester and its surrounding areas, from Bury to Stockport. Our engineers routinely inspect and service our fleet of forklift trucks (Manchester) to ensure they’re ready at a moment’s notice.

Simply call us before noon and we’ll deliver your forklift truck the very same day. We’ll be on hand afterwards to provide first-class support and aftercare.

Contact TAG Forklift Truck Services Today

Are you looking to hire new or used forklift trucks, Manchester? If so, choose TAG Forklift Truck Services: experienced providers of reliable material handling solutions in the North West. We pride ourselves on our quality machinery, affordable prices and unbeatable customer service.

With over 30 years of expertise, our team is well equipped to help you select the best forklift truck hire package for your needs. We offer a range of casual, short-term and long-term agreements, with maintenance and repairs included.

Contact TAG Forklift Truck Services today to arrange a free consultation and site survey. Fill in our contact form or speak to our friendly team on 0161 848 0555.