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Pedestrian Detection Camera

Pedestrian Detection Camera

Pedestrian Detection Camera Specifications

Differentiates between people and obstacles

  • Switched output for connection to other FTC devices
  • Lower risk and assist with Target Zero
  • No need for tags or high visibility vests
  • Audible and visual alert
  • 1920 X 1080P resolution
  • IP 68 Rated solution

FTC Pedestrian Detection Camera

The FTC Pedestrian Detection Camera System utilises the very latest technology to help make operators more aware of pedestrians working in the vicinity of materials handling equipment.

With the ability to differentiate between objects and pedestrians the FTC camera is one of the most advanced pedestrian safety systems available. The system is usually installed with one rear facing camera however it can also be integrated to accommodate a front facing camera to help protect pedestrians at the front and rear of the vehicle.

The system works by using an algorithm which detects moving and static pedestrians and alerting the operator to the presence of such hazards. The in cab screen outlines the position of pedestrian and the distance from the vehicle thus giving the operator more confidence and helping to increase productivity.

This system does not rely on the use of tags or high visibility vests to detect pedestrians.


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