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Forklift Reversing Aids

Forklift Reversing Aids

Forklift Reversing Aids Specifications

Forklift Reversing Aids offer many advantages:

  • Avoid collisions with pedestrians and infrastructure
  • Manoeuvre safely in confined areas
  • Ideal when all round visibility is required
  • Easy to use visual and audible indicators
  • Can trigger other safety equipment
  • Tough industrial design
  • Clear, easy-to-read display and adjustable audible alert Suitable for both on- and off-road applications
  • Extremely rugged design for severe weather conditions and all terrains

Forklift truck and human interaction is one of the biggest hazards in the workplace today, in many businesses there is no way of avoiding this, that is why Fork Truck Control have developed a range of products to assist operators in reversing heavy plant equipment safely.

Fixed Distance Reversing Aid

The system has a close detection zone combined with targeted beam pattern to minimise false warnings. This reversing aid is available in three pre-set detection areas, split into 5 equal zones. This system is recommended for a more open environment such as:

  • Storage Yards
  • Ports & shipping yards
  • External working areas
  • Waste and recycling industry
  • Quarry, mine and construction sites

Fixed zones available

  • 3m (10ft) length x 2.5m (8ft) width detection area
  • 4.5m (15ft) length x 3.5m (11.5ft) width detection area
  • 6m (19.5ft) length x 4.5m (15ft) width detection area
Forklift Reversing Aids
Forklift Reversing Aids

Our complete range of forklift safety systems include: