Keep your Forklift Up and Running

5 Ways to Keep your Forklift Up and Running

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Keeping your forklift fleet moving is important to any demanding business. Unforeseen breakdowns can cause huge delays at the most inconvenient of times. There are several ways in which you can significantly reduce this risk. The advice below will go a long way in preventing breakdowns happening.

1. Allow time for maintenance

Forklift trucks are hard worked machines. They can be in use 24/7 on some sites. With many moving parts, heavy loads and challenging environments forklift trucks regularly need checking, maintaining and repairing. Allow time for this regular maintenance or your forklift trucks will start to tire and become unreliable when needed most.

2. Complete daily checks

Arguably daily checks can be the most important aspect when it comes to maintaining your forklift fleet. These checks allow problems to be identified at the earliest opportunity, which can then be reported to TAG Forklift Truck Services for a prompt response. It’s important to keep these checks simple but specific to ensure they are carried out effectively.

3. Operator training

Operator training is a legal requirement for all forklift operators. Having your operators trained to a high standard can significantly increase performance and reduce your forklifts downtime. Good operators cause less damage to forklifts and reduce wear and tear through smooth responsible driving.

Try to use a training provider with good recommendations when possible. Also make sure that your operators are trained to use attachments e.g. rotators, push-pulls, fork positioners, waste paper bale clamps, paper roll clamps, multi-pallet handlers, and carton clamps.

4. Preventative maintenance

TAG Forklift Truck Services can take control of your maintenance schedule so you don’t have to worry. Whether its reminding you when your next service is due or, if you have a service contract, we will routinely come to site at a time that’s convenient to carry out preventative maintenance on your forklifts. Keeping them free of faults and in prime condition to continue performing.

5. Invest in reliable equipment

Quality reliable equipment is essential to any demanding operation. Investing in quality equipment will result in higher performance, increased productivity, better safety and far less (if any) unforeseen breakdowns.

These guidelines should keep your fleet up and running. You will have less breakdowns and save money on unforeseen repairs. Your forklifts will continue performing to their best ability.