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Maintaining Vital Forklift Services While Limiting Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Supplying Forklifts in a World with COVID 19

Servicing, maintenance and testing of forklifts is, for the most part, an essential service and we are dedicated to continuing to deliver this, while doing everything we can to limit the spread of COVID-19.

We have been closely studying the government guidelines, and establishing best practice for our business in these challenging times. The situation is constantly changing and we are adapting every day but we wanted to update our clients on how we anticipate operating in the coming weeks and months.

We Are Open

We are open – working from home where possible – taking your calls and discuss your requirements and how we can be of service. We will be quoting, planning and scheduling work for the most appropriate time. During the lockdown we will be available to go on site for urgent work to repair and maintain forklifts and material handling equipment. Other non-urgent work will be scheduled for delivery after the lock down period when restrictions are eased.

How Are We Working

We have established guidelines for working on site at this time, in summary, these include:


  • Field engineers and drivers should take precaution on customer sites to avoid unnecessary contact and use multi surface wipes to keep vehicle interiors and tablets clean
  • Tablets are not to be signed by customers to reduce unnecessary contact
  • Avoid face to face contact, use telephone or video communications wherever possible.
  • Engineers and all staff self-isolating at home if any signs of infection – as per government guidelines.
  • Respect all government guidelines at all times on social distancing including maintaining at least 2m distance from clients at all times.
  • All engineers are equipped with hand and surface sanitiser.
  • Wash or sanitise hands before and after each site visit and periodically.
  • Wipe down and sanitise any surfaces we may be required to touch at the client’s site during delivery of our services, both before and after the intervention.
  • Avoid or minimise entering buildings, offices etc. Much of our work can be undertaken without ever entering a client’s building. In other instances, we only need access to the warehouse or less well used areas of the building. We will always keep our presence in a building to the minimum necessary to ensure equipment is maintained, tested and certified to the required standard.

Please be aware that we are continuing to update our working practices to respect all guidelines and emergency legislation relating to the spread of COVID-19.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements for our services or your concerns relating to the delivery of our services at this challenging time.