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How eTruck Learning is Revolutionising Forklift Operator Training

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Forklift trucks are an essential part of many warehouses and distribution centres. However, they can also be dangerous if not used properly—imagine forklift tip-overs, falling loads and collisions with pedestrians or other vehicles. 

That’s why having well-trained forklift operators is crucial. TAG Forklifts, a leading provider of forklift trucks in the North West, has revolutionised its operator training with a new system called eTruck Learning for novices. This system ensures your operators get the best industry training on a more effective schedule. 


What is eTruck Learning?


eTruck Learning is TAG Forklift’s new operator training system. Developed by MA Systems in Sweden, it uses a blended learning method to cover the theory content for Materials Handling Equipment Operator Training with in-person practical sessions. 

Novice counterbalance forklift and reach truck operators first complete interactive online modules that provide training on truck operations, safety procedures, and more. The online portion allows trainees to learn at their own pace from any location. Once the online segment is finished, operators attend a TAG Forklifts RTITB-accredited training centre (just opened in Trafford Park!) to gain vital hands-on practice and evaluation. 

This technique significantly shortens the total training time while still delivering comprehensive instruction.


How Does eTruck Learning Work?


A course for three candidates typically takes 32.5 hours to complete. This is how the eTruck Learning system reduces and enhances operator training:


Online Learning Modules


Once booked, each trainee receives access to the eTruck learning platform to complete three weeks before their scheduled in-person training. They can then cover the essential theoretical aspects of forklift operation, health and safety practices, and regulations at their own pace on a computer or tablet.


Hands-On Evaluation


The pre-course online learning component means that trainees already have a foundational understanding when they come for practical training sessions. This allows RTITB-accredited trainers to reduce classroom hours significantly (from 32.5 to 21 hours), focusing time on hands-on mastery of forklift controls and practical safety skills.

The combined online and in-person training provides a well-rounded education that sets operators up for success.


The Benefits of eTruck Learning


The biggest potential frustration employers can face is surrendering their operators for offsite training—sometimes for days. This absence might make it challenging to schedule jobs and potentially lead to unplanned overtime, missed deadlines or delayed time slots.

In response, eTruck Learning requires a shorter time commitment. By completing initial instruction online, less time is needed for in-person training sessions. This minimises staff downtime.

eTruck Learning brings several additional advantages over traditional forklift training methods:


  • Flexible pacing – Learners can fit online modules around their schedules, pausing and resuming training as needed. This promotes better knowledge retention.
  • Consistent training – Every operator learns the same content through standardised online materials, ensuring uniform skills.
  • Close evaluation – Hands-on coaching and testing at the training centre reinforces knowledge and identifies any gaps.
  • Streamlined administration – Built-in LMS features simplify organising training schedules, tracking results, and managing certifications.
  • Refresher courses – Operators can get a refresher course with Nors registration in just 2.5 hours. 


With these advantages, it’s easy to see how eTruck Learning is modernising and improving forklift operator competency.


The Future of Forklift Training is Here


From large warehouses to small retail stores, properly trained forklift operators are invaluable across industries. TAG Forklifts’ forward-thinking investment in the eTruck Learning system exemplifies our commitment to providing world-class training. 

This innovation offers tangible benefits to North West businesses and operators alike. By reducing disruption to work schedules, enhancing training efficiency, and optimising cost, eTruck is the future of forklift operator training.

If you manage a business reliant on expert forklift operators and wish to find out more about the benefits of the eTruck Learning system, contact TAG Forklifts today.