5 Uses for a Forklift Truck in Liverpool

A forklift truck is a powered industrial vehicle used for lifting and moving heavy goods. It features a hydraulic lift that can be raised to transport goods such as boxes, pallets and construction materials. From manufacturing to logistics, many industries rely on the use of forklift trucks.

Liverpool is one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the UK, boasting a wealth of businesses spanning multiple sectors. Forklift hire Liverpool could help streamline your materials handling operations and reduce the risk of injury associated with manual labour.

At TAG Forklift Truck Services, we offer a wide range of forklift models for sale and hire at competitive prices. Read on to discover 5 great uses for a forklift truck, Liverpool!

1.      Warehouses

The City of Liverpool is bursting with businesses that depend upon efficient warehousing to store, process, pack and distribute goods. This includes retailers, food and beverage suppliers, logistics companies and many more.

In warehouses, forklift trucks are typically used to transport items quickly and safely from one location or level to another. Forklifts help make material handling much more efficient, with only one operator required to lift extremely heavy loads. They can also be used to load and unload vehicles, assisting with shipment handling and goods distribution. Ultimately, they help companies save money, prevent accidents and ensure their goods reach customers on time.

Electric forklift trucks are particularly well-suited to indoor warehouses in Liverpool. They are quieter than diesel and gas models and release no harmful emissions.

2.      Dockyards

The Port of Liverpool, which encompasses a 7.5 mile stretch from Brunswick Dock to Seaforth, handles over 30 million tons of freight per year. The use of forklift trucks in Liverpool dockyards has been part of daily operations for over 80 years, enabling dock workers to handle and transport shipments more efficiently.

When it comes to loading, unloading and transloading ships, forklift trucks assist workers in manoeuvring and stacking goods into tight spaces. As well as increasing productivity, this helps to minimise the risk of accidents in this busy environment. Powerful gas and diesel forklift trucks, suitable for outdoor terrain in all weathers, are particularly useful in Liverpool’s dockyards.

3.      Manufacturing

Forklift trucks are widely used in Liverpool’s manufacturing industry, helping to streamline production processes and reduce manual labour. They’re often used to unload deliveries of raw materials, transport products between assembly lines and load pallets of finished goods onto delivery vehicles. Due to their power and speed capabilities, forklifts allow companies to increase their productivity rates without compromising safety standards.

When it comes to hiring a forklift, Liverpool manufacturing businesses usually benefit from long-term arrangements, with additional equipment on-call for busier periods. At TAG Forklift Truck Services, we offer a wide range of flexible contracts, from one day to 5+ years.

4.      Construction Work

Forklift trucks are also essential pieces of equipment used in construction work. They play a major role in Liverpool building sites by helping workers lift and move heavy materials, such as bricks and concrete. Larger, more powerful forklifts with higher lifting reach are incredibly useful for bringing items up onto higher levels, reducing dependency on ladders and scaffolding.

In addition, forklift trucks can be used during demolitions, assisting with the removal of heavy debris. This helps speed up the process significantly while reducing some of the health and safety risks associated with manual work.

Many construction companies in Liverpool hire forklift trucks on a short-term basis to transport operations from one site to another. This improves project completion times, helping the city of Liverpool grow and flourish.

5.      Recycling Facilities

There are countless recycling facilities across Liverpool. They play an important role in protecting the environment, reducing waste sent to landfill and repurposing old materials for future use. Forklift trucks are a common sight at recycling centres, helping employees to unload, sort and transport rubbish swiftly and economically.

Forklifts are often used to move large, compressed bales of recycling between areas of the facility. A variety of forklift attachments and accessories may be used to grip different materials, including glass, plastic and aluminium.

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