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Roboscrub - Commercial Cleaning Robot

RoboScrub20 Specifications

Introducing the latest award winning product the Hako Commercial Cleaning Robots range, the RoboScrub20 offers you ‘best in class’ intelligent self driving technology for your commercial floor care requirements.

The RoboScrub20 is the perfect solution to eliminate the cost of absenteeism and staff shortages and will ultimately free up more time for your available workforce to concentrate on other higher priority manual tasks allowing you to deliver consistent cleaning regardless of staffing levels.

The model showcases its cutting-edge vision-based A.I. system which allows it to create multiple routes in complex environments and by using its adaptive navigation and obstacle avoidance features it is supremely optimised for safety and reliability. Easy and flexible to use with simple set up, it can be used in either manual or autonomous modes.

The RoboScrub20 comes complete with advanced cloud based reporting and analytics which provides you with critical visibility into machine performance and value generation. This also allows you to re-evaluate resource needs and productivity levels and provides valuable data for performance improvement.

Our complete range of Hako Cleaning Machines includes: