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Scrubmaster B75 R

Scrubmaster B75 R Specifications

The Scrubmaster B75 R is able to access areas that could previously only be cleaned using walk-behind scrubber-driers. The improved manoeuvrability of the Scrubmaster B75 R, along with its compact size, allows for optimal cleaning in both industrial and commercial locations.

The Scrubmaster B75 R ride on scrubber-drier also features a hand-held vacuum to allow for cleaning of areas that are hard to access, and can travel at up to 6 km/h, which can be controlled with ease through the push of a button.

The on-board battery charger allows for extended run time, meaning that you can effectively and efficiently carry out any industrial cleaning task without worry of the machine running out of power.

Our complete range of Hako Cleaning Machines includes: