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At TAG Forklift Trucks, we understand storage space is crucial for many businesses. That’s why we offer the full range of Aisle Master Forklifts built to navigate around your warehouse safely whilst increasing efficiency and productivity. 

Aisle Masters Forklifts

Need more storage space? No Problem! 

Increase your business racking and storage space by altering the layout of your warehouse. The Aisle Master forklift truck navigates narrow aisles with minimum effort helping you to improve efficiency, increase productivity and make the most of your business storage space. This machine comes in different models and two fuel types (Gas and Electric). So, if you work a lot indoors and outdoors or want to save the environment, look no further than our range of Aisle Master Forklifts for hire and purchase.  

Why so Articulate? 

The Aisle Master is a leader amongst VNA Articulated trucks and are available in varying capacities ranging from 1.5 tonne to 2.5 tonne. Although similar, there are some noticeable differences between an Aisle Master VNA articulated forklift truck and a counterbalance forklift. For example, the front wheels and mast of an Aisle Master forklift turn at a 180o angle. However, on a counterbalance, both features will be static. If you’re looking for the right forklift truck to navigate the narrow aisles in your warehouse and also unload trucks outside. 

Aisle Master Hire UK

The Benefits of Aisle Master VNA Forklifts 

  • More Storage Space

Aisle Master forklift trucks are built specifically to create a safer and faster-operating warehouse. This truck can manoeuvre in and out of aisles as narrow as 1.6m. Each forklift truck can lift to heights of 15 metres and boast a load capacity of up to 2.5 tonne. 

TAG Forklift also offers a service where, along with our partners, we can help to optimise your warehouse space by altering the racking. This, along with supplying the right Aisle master to navigate the narrow spaces, should make choosing TAG as your Forklift supplier, a no-brainer.

Increase Efficiency with Aisle Master                        Save Warehouse Space with Aisle Master

  • Increased Productivity

One of our priorities at TAG Forklift Truck Services is to help our customers get the most out of their investment and increase efficiency. The Aisle Master Forklift can be used indoors or outdoors on any floor surface for improved fluid pallet movement. 

Aisle Master features like the mast mirrors or additional fitted cameras, spot lamps and reverse alarms can allow the operator to work as quickly as possible while putting safety right, front and centre. 

  • Two Machines in One

As mentioned, Aisle Master Forklifts are similar to Counterbalance Forklifts but with several differences. The ability to turn the front wheels and mast at a 180o angle means the Aisle Master machine can execute tasks traditionally carried out by a Reach Truck and Counterbalance Forklift truck combined. 

Picture this; You’d need a Reach Truck to pick and drop pallets/loads to and from high racking. Then you’ll also require another machine, such as a 3/4-wheel counterbalance forklift, to transport said pallet/load to and from a container/wagon. This process may result in a congested loading bay, no space to park the machines, more maintenance costs and all-round hassle! 

If you purchase an Aisle Master, you wouldn’t need to worry about your carbon footprint as one of our articulate VNA forklifts can do the job of a Reach truck, a counterbalance forklift & a straddle stacker all at once! This leads to the phrase, thinking efficiency is thinking Aisle Master. 

Buy or Hire Aisle Master Forklifts at TAG 

As an independent forklift truck company based in the North West, we’re proud to offer leading forklift brands and have established links with OEM suppliers such as Aisle Master and have almost 30 years of experience in the industry.

Purchase or hire industry-leading forklifts and equipment online today or call the TAG Forklifts team on 0161 848 0555 for more advice on how to save warehouse space and increase efficiency using an Aisle Master VNA forklift or assistance choosing the right equipment for your operation.