advantages of electric forklift trucks

Advantages of Electric Forklift Trucks

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Electric powered forklift trucks are fast becoming a favourite for businesses over the past few years. A number of reasons have led to this from environmental to lower running costs there are multiple reasons as to why going electric could be the right choice for your business. If you’re looking for an alternative to your gas or diesel machine take a look at the benefits of going electric below.

  • Easy to Drive – You can operate this machine using a steering wheel and accelerator, with the introduction of automatic drive the overall experience has been improved for drivers. Not only has onsite safety been improved, but avoidable accidents have also been reduced and operators can now focus on driving as there’s no more clutch pedals.
  • Less Maintenance – Less mechanical components + less required maintenance = More money saved. Electric powered trucks don’t require fluid refills like engine oil and coolants, and they’re less likely to break down unlike their counterparts.
    Reduced noise pollution – A quieter environment allows for better communication between operators. This has also been proven to reduce the risk of injury. According to research, it has been found that noise from traditional engines can cause headaches, stress, and fatigue – these are just the short-term effects.
  • Zero carbon emission – When it comes to the future of our planet, we must all do our bit to preserve it. Not only do electric forklift trucks help to reduce carbon emissions, but it also helps to reduce all employee’s exposure to toxic fumes in a workplace environment.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use – As mentioned in the previous point, electric forklift trucks emit no carbon emissions which helps for use indoors. However, for those who operate outdoors, you can also benefit from the qualities of an electric forklift truck. Electric forklifts have progressed massively in the last 10 years. The technology in the trucks have been developed to help them adapt to outdoor operation far better than in the past.
    What electric options do I have? Take a look here

What electric options do I have? Take a look here

Hyundai electric forklift truck

What other type of Electric Forklifts can I get?

Although this article is mainly referring to three or four-wheel counterbalances, there are various options when it comes to electric forklifts UK. Your options range from Electric Pallet trucks to VNA Articulated Forklifts.

Powered Pallet Trucks – This equipment is perfect for transporting pallets and other large loads around at ground level. They operate best indoors and on smooth surfaces but can also be used to load and unload ramped lorries. There are some that have a platform for operators to stand on; these are classed as ride-on PPT’s.

Reach Forklift Trucks – These types of electric motor forklift trucks are usually used in warehouses with really high racking and narrow aisles. They’re designed specifically for indoor use, which is the reason why they only come in one fuel type (Electric). Due to their small size and extended lift capacity, they can easily load and unload items from tall warehouses (Their lift capacity ranges between 1 and two tonnes).

VNA-Articulated Forklifts – Although it works in a similar way to a Reach truck, the Articulated forklifts are an ideal option for very narrow aisles. The Articulated truck can replace the reach truck and counterbalance as they can be used for extremely narrow aisles, as well as being utilized indoors and outdoors. Working in narrow aisles to high lift heights has allowed many of these trucks to be fitted with a camera and screen, so that operators can see from the perspective of the forks. This provides much better visibility when working at heights.

forklift carrying building material

Making the right choice

When it comes to choosing an electric forklift truck for sale, you must choose one that suits your requirements. All types of electric manual forklifts possess great benefits that can assist with workflow, apart from being environmentally friendly, fume free and hardly giving off harmful emissions.

They tend to be great for use in small areas, simple to operate, cheap running cost, possess great manoeuvrability and they’re easy to maintain and repair due to simpler mechanics. Our team at TAG Forklift Trucks are here to help select a forklift that’s not just efficient but suitable to your business needs. We’re dedicated to providing the best service, ranging from site visits to recommend the best options for your business.

We appreciate that you might have a few more questions regarding this fuel type or any other options we have in our fleet. Please contact us as we’re happy to answer any questions you have on the number below.

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