Hyundai Forklifts

Hyundai’s Construction Equipment Division is widely recognized as an industry leader for its use of advanced ergonomics, engineering, and technology. Backed by highly advanced factors of automation, a zero-tolerance quality control inspection system, and innovative engineering, the division offers a wide range of construction equipment to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Hyundai Material Handling provides a full line of industrial forklifts, with capacities to suit all your needs. Hyundai produces some of the most innovative and ergonomic forklifts in the world today, with fantastic value in quality, safety and style, fuel economy, price and warranty- all hallmarks of the Hyundai brand!

Here at TAG Forklifts, we can provide a complete range of forklifts for sale and hire to suit your needs.

Our Wide Range of Hyundai Forklifts:

Why Choose A Hyundai Forklift?

Hyundai forklifts are some of the most reliable and popular material handling vehicles and pieces of equipment in the UK. Offering incredible performance in a range of locations, from warehouses to outdoor applications, Hyundai forklifts are built to last and perform. They offer excellent power, fuel economy, comfort and safety features in a range of capacities, making them an ideal choice for any business.

Hyundai Material Handling also provides service and maintenance support for all its products, with comprehensive warranties for added peace of mind. With an unbeatable combination of performance, price point and quality, it’s easy to see why Hyundai forklifts are so popular with businesses throughout the UK.

Whether you’re looking for a simple forklift truck or a complete material handling solution, Hyundai has something for everyone. With their commitment to innovation and quality, they provide reliable vehicles and equipment that are guaranteed to make your job easier. 

Is TAG Forklifts A Certified Hyundai Dealer?

As an independent forklift dealer, we can provide a complete range of Hyundai forklift trucks across Manchester and the North-West of England. All of our vehicles are supplied with Hyundai’s industry-leading warranties, so you can rest assured that your forklift will be up and running for many years to come. 

We have an extensive team of experienced engineers who can provide first-class servicing and repair services for all models of Hyundai equipment. We also stock genuine parts and accessories, so you can be sure your Hyundai forklift will remain in top condition. 

At TAG Forklifts, we are committed to customer satisfaction and strive to provide the highest quality service possible. We understand that our customers rely on us for their business operations and so we make sure that all of our vehicles meet the latest safety standards.  ###

What types of forklift trucks does TAG Forklifts offer?

We offer a variety of forklift trucks including electric, diesel, and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) powered trucks. Our lineup includes counterbalance forklifts, reach trucks, pallet trucks, stackers, and more.

What are the advantages of using Hyundai electric forklift trucks?

Electric forklift trucks are known for their high performance, reduced operating costs, and environmental friendliness. They do not emit any harmful emissions, have lower maintenance requirements, and are quieter compared to diesel or LPG powered trucks.

What are the advantages of using Hyundai diesel forklift trucks?

Diesel forklift trucks are known for their durability, high lifting capacities, and wide variety of applications. They are suitable for heavy-duty operations and can operate for longer intervals without needing frequent recharging or refuelling.

Can I hire a forklift truck from TAG Forklifts?

Yes, we offer forklift truck hiring services to provide a cost-effective solution for short-term or temporary material handling needs. Our rental fleet includes various types of forklift trucks to suit different applications.

Do you have a range of forklift trucks in stock?

Yes, we maintain a large stock of forklift trucks to ensure quick delivery and meet urgent requirements. Our inventory includes a wide variety of models and specifications to cater to different industries.

Can you assist in choosing the right forklift truck for my specific needs?

Absolutely! Our knowledgeable sales team can help you determine the most suitable forklift truck based on your requirements. We take into consideration factors such as load capacity, reach, environment, and productivity to ensure you get the optimal solution.

What is the cost of owning a forklift truck?

The cost of owning a forklift truck varies depending on factors such as the type of truck, maintenance requirements, and usage. However, diesel forklift trucks generally have a higher initial cost but can provide long-term cost savings due to their durability and lower fuel costs.