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Linde E16 – E20 EVO

Linde E16–E20 EVO forklifts

Linde E16 – E20 EVO Specifications

The four-wheel Linde E16–E20 EVO forklifts offer a wide range of models. Depending on the requirements, different battery capacities, heights or versions for narrow aisle widths are available.

In operation, they enable precise load handling in the tightest of spaces – with a high level of stability. Linde’s innovative combi-steering axle allows the axle stub of the rear wheels to be rotated 175 degrees. This allows the vehicle to turn on the spot without damaging the floor covering.

The electric forklifts are also equipped with the Linde compact front axle: as an integrated unit, two powerful drive motors, maintenance-free brakes and power components mounted directly on the axle ensure maximum performance with high energy efficiency.