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Linde E20 – E35

Linde E20 counterbalanced trucks

Linde E20 – E35 Specifications

The distinctive design of Linde counterbalanced trucks with overhead tilt cylinders gives the powerful and versatile Linde Roadster E20–E35 R a unique panoramic view. The overhead guard is connected laterally to the reinforced tilt cylinders, eliminating the need for the A-pillar. With the exception of the visibility-optimised mast, this concept offers the operator a largely unrestricted view of the load and working environment, even when storing and retrieving at height. If required, an optional armoured glass roof provides a clear view upwards. The Linde compact axle with the two drive motors built into the axle, maintenance-free brakes and directly mounted power units provide the basis for maximum manoeuvrability and handling performance. Linde’s energy management system optimises energy consumption.