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Linde T16 – 20

Linde T16 pallet truck

Linde T16 – 20 Specifications

The Linde T16, T18, and T20 pallet trucks have a particularly rugged construction. For example, tiller and motor cover are made of fibreglass-reinforced materials and can work reliably and continuous for a long time, manoeuvring, order picking, and transporting.

The low chassis provides more safety. It covers all of the wheels so the user’s feet do not come into contact with them. The tiller is mounted at a very low point on the truck. The operator is therefore at a safe distance from the pallet truck with the tiller folded down.

The effective electric braking system is also important for the safety of the T16, T18, and T20. The trucks accelerate quickly with the powerful three-phase motor and the booster effect provides even more output in difficult situations.

Depending on the version, they boast a lifting capacity of 1,600 to 2,000 kilograms.