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Linde R10 – R25

Linde R10 - R25 forklift

Linde R10 – R25 Specifications

The Linde R10 – R25 product line boasts a wide range of trucks for intensive applications in a range of industries particularly third party logistics and food and drink. The large number of model versions as well as the extensive standard and special equipment make it possible to perform a wide range of different logistics tasks. This includes mast heights up to 13.4 metre, narrow chassis for one-way shelving or the cold store protection able to operate at temperatures as low as – 30°C. In particular, the torsion-resistant lift masts as well as the optional electric linear drive with Dynamic Mast Control, which dynamically compensates for mast oscillation, makes these reach trucks ideal for safe and efficient operation at height. The trucks are also ideal for the double-depth storage of two pallets one behind the other. Ergonomic and individually adjustable control elements as well as a vibration-free operator’s seat enable fatigue-free operation.