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Expand the lifespan of your forklift truck batteries

If you would like to revive your old and used forklift batteries, saving money and waste, then battery regeneration may be just what you are looking for.

What is Forklift Battery Regeneration?

Battery regeneration can recondition used forklift batteries. Provided the lead acid battery is in good mechanical condition regeneration can restore a large percentage of a battery’s original capacity. The regeneration process uses state of the art technology to desulphate the battery cells and return lost capacity to the battery.

What Causes Forklift Batteries to Lose Capacity?

After repeated operating cycles (charging and discharging) batteries loose capacity and efficiency. This is because on each charge, tiny lead sulphate crystals are deposited on the lead plates inside the battery. These hard crystals build up over time and prevent the battery from accepting a full charge. This process is caused sulphation and is the main reason for batteries losing their capacity. Good battery care can help increase a battery’s lifespan, including:

  • only charging once a day,
  • checking water levels regularly,
  • letting the battery cool and rest
  • not running a battery below 20% capacity.

Battery sulphation is inevitable with repeated use and can not be avoided. These sulphate crystals can not be removed with a normal charger. Replacing old batteries is expensive and not very environmentally friendly. Read more about forklift battery maintenance here. 

Why Choose Forklift Battery Regeneration?

Battery regeneration can reverse the sulphation process and restore the performance of your old forklift truck battery. This service offers significant cost savings compared to replacement with either new or used batteries. See a cost comparison below.

Battery Regeneration cost comparison

Battery revival is also the environmentally friendly option.

At TAG we have invested in state of the art technology to regenerate and restore batteries for forklift trucks, helping us to keep all our equipment performing well for years at competitive prices. We are also please to offer a Forklift Battery Regeneration Service. This video explains more.

With our state of the art regeneration process we can provide detailed regeneration reports with proven results. These reports will show the condition and capacity of your forklift battery cells before and after the regeneration process.

Battery regeneration report
Battery regeneration report

If your forklift batteries are loosing capacity and you would like more information on how we can regenerate them then please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.