Why does the right forklift battery matter?

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Choosing the right forklift battery matters as it’s important to your business that you keep your forklift fleet running smoothly. At TAG Forklift Truck services, we offer a range of electric forklift trucks for hire or purchase and a range of service, maintenance and repair options to ensure your business benefits from a forklift truck with the right forklift truck battery for a productive and efficient operation. 

What are the benefits of using an electric forklift truck?

Electric Forklift Trucks offer a more environmentally-friendly option when compared to gas or diesel forklifts as they are quieter and give off zero harmful emissions. Electric forklifts also require less maintenance due to fewer moving parts and are cheaper to fuel as the cost of recharging a forklift battery overnight is less than replacing a gas bottle or filling a diesel tank.

How to choose the right forklift battery

When selecting the forklift battery your electric forklift truck or material handling equipment requires, you may consider a range of factors such as the technical specifications, application, cost and forklift brand. 

Forklift Technical Specifications

The forklift’s technical specifications will be the first factor you’ll need to consider when choosing a forklift battery.

  • Battery Voltage (12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, 80V)
  • Capacity (from 100Ah to 1000Ah+)
  • Electric Forklift Battery Type

e.g Lithium batteries for Class I, II and III forklifts as they have a long lifespan, require little maintenance and although are a more expensive option initially, last 3 times longer than lead alternatives. Iron Phosphate (LFP) and (NMC) Lithium-Manganese-Cobalt-Oxide batteries can both be used in electric forklifts.

Forklift Application

When choosing the right forklift truck battery you will also need to consider what you plan to use the material handling equipment for, as the battery’s performance must be compatible with the forklift truck application. If you plan to use the same forklift for handling different loads or other separate applications then you may require two batteries for the same forklift.

Try to consider the following

  • Average & Maximum Load weight
  • Average & Maximum Lift Height
  • Average & Maximum Travel Distance
  • Forklift Attachments that need extra battery capacity
  • Temperature Conditions
  • Charging Schedule & Speed
  • Battery Management System (BMS) for fleet management data
  • Corporate Policies
  • Sustainability

Forklift Battery Cost

It’s important to be aware of your budget and predicted costs when running any business operation. When choosing a forklift battery you should also consider the cost of the battery and future maintenance costs.

  • Battery Maintenance e.g lithium-ion forklift batteries do not require regular maintenance, unlike lead-acid batteries that need regular cleaning.
  • Battery Price vs Ownership Cost – Although switching to a new lithium forklift battery may have an initial cost it can save your operation money over the next few years as it is a more economical option compared to lead-acid batteries.
  • Battery Life Cycle – How often will you need to replace the forklift battery?
  • Battery Charger Cost – Does the battery charge at a compact battery charger or need a charging station?

Forklift Truck Brands

Choosing the right forklift battery can also depend on the make and model of forklift you require for your operation.

  • The Optimal Battery Set-up – What battery is recommended for your forklift brand and model?
  • Shipment Details e.g availability and delivery time
  • Customer support and service
  • Battery Quality – Does the forklift battery also fit the above considerations (such as capacity and application) as well as being compatible with the forklift truck brand?

Electric Forklifts at TAG Forklift Truck Services

Discover electric forklift trucks for hire or purchase at TAG Forklift Truck Services. We offer a range of forklift truck services across the North West, including leading forklift brands such as Aislemaster or Hyundai, servicing and repairs. Contact TAG Forklift today on 0161 848 0555 or enquire using the online contact form.

We also stock a wide range of forklift replacement parts and forklift batteries, so you can be sure your material handling equipment or electric forklift is running off the right battery type. Contact our team of forklift experts and after-care specialists for more information on our fleet of same-day fix service vans and next-day guaranteed delivery on parts ordered before 4 pm.