Aisle Master (Pivot Steer) Forklift Training (Coming Soon)

At TAG Forklifts, we offer specialised forklift training and certification for Aisle Master forklift operators. These unique trucks feature an articulated chassis and pivoting rear axle that allows them to effortlessly manoeuvre and turn in extremely tight spaces.

Our hands-on Aisle Master courses will equip you with the skills to expertly handle these agile lift trucks ideal for narrow aisle environments.

What are Aisle Master Forklifts?

Aisle Master forklifts represent an engineering innovation in material handling for confined spaces. Their patented articulated steering design sets them apart from traditional counterbalance and reach trucks.

By separating the front and rear ends and powering the rear axle to pivot, Aisle Masters can turn and manoeuvre with precision in narrow warehouse aisles and storage areas. Their tight turning capability also enables efficient side-shifting for stock retrieval and pallet movement.

With exceptional manoeuvrability plus the ability to lift loads to heights over 5 metres, Aisle Masters optimise storage density and access. They allow efficient picking and put-away even in the most congested and compact facilities.

What are Aisle Master Forklifts Used For?

Aisle Masters excel in environments where space is extremely limited but storage density and access must be maximised. Common applications include:

  • Warehouses – The exceptional manoeuvrability and tight turning radius of Aisle Masters makes them ideal for narrow aisle order picking, replenishment, put-away and other inventory handling tasks. They can navigate easily through warehouse racking and shelving to optimise storage space.
  • Cold Storage & Freezer Facilities – Accessing pallets deep within freezer racking is made easy by the compact chassis and articulated steering of Aisle Masters. Their cold-rated components allow operation even in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Retail Store Backrooms – The confined spaces of retail store backrooms and narrow stockrooms are a perfect match for Aisle Masters. Their tight operating envelope allows efficient stock rotation and inventory management.
  • Facilities with Compact Racking – Any facility using very narrow aisle pallet racking and shelving benefits enormously from Aisle Masters. They minimise wasted space around aisles to optimise storage density.

Aisle Master forklifts allow users to maximise inventory capacity and access, even within the most confined operating environments.

Advantages of Aisle Master Forklifts

Aisle Master forklifts deliver significant performance and efficiency benefits:

  • Superior Maneuverability – The rear steer articulated chassis gives them the tightest turning radius of any material handling truck, adeptly manoeuvring in narrow aisles.
  • Operation in Restricted Spaces – With a compact frame and short turning radius, Aisle Masters can work efficiently even in extremely cramped conditions.
  • Easy Racking Access – Unlike reach trucks, Aisle Masters can square-in allowing smooth access to racking for pick and deposit cycles.
  • Enhanced Load Handling – Loads remain under excellent control during lift, lower and reach motions due to chassis articulation.
  • Increased Storage Density – Compact size means aisle width can be minimised to optimise storage capacity.
  • Multi-Directional Operation – Side-shifting carriages and precise steering allow efficient movement in all directions.
  • Reliable Performance – Advanced engineering ensures tremendous handling capability despite the compact truck size.

Key Features of Aisle Master Lift Trucks

Aisle Masters deliver outstanding capabilities through smart design:

  • Rear Wheel Steering – The powered rear axle steers enabling exact control when turning in tight aisles. Operators can pivot the rear smoothly through 180 degrees.
  • Articulating Joint – Connects the front and rear sections of the chassis, allowing them to fold inwards for tight turns. Hydraulics control the articulation.
  • Rear Counterweight – Weights at the rear provide stability when lifting heavy loads to maximum fork heights.
  • Load Capacities – Typical Aisle Master models handle 1.5 to 2.5 metric tonnes to suit user requirements.
  • Overhead Guard – Provides protection for operators as well as optimising truck height for storage access.
  • Choice of Power – Electric motors deliver zero emissions and maintenance advantages. Diesel models are also available.

Why Train on Aisle Masters at TAG Forklifts?

Choosing TAG Forklifts for your Aisle Master certification delivers key advantages:

  • Specialised Instruction – Our instructors possess in-depth expertise in Aisle Master operation, safety and maintenance.
  • Extensive Hands-On Practice – We provide hours of practical driving time on Aisle Masters in our simulated warehouse environment. This builds real-world skills.
  • Modern, Clean Training Fleet – Our Aisle Master fleet is late model, impeccably maintained and set up for optimal hands-on training.
  • Gain Licensing – Get certified and legally authorised to operate Aisle Masters up to 2500 kg capacity after course completion.
  • Flexible Scheduling – Weekday, weekend and evening classes offered to suit your schedule.
  • Strong Safety Focus – We thoroughly instil safe operating techniques essential for working in tight spaces.

Components of Our Aisle Master Forklift Certification Program

Our Aisle Master training courses feature:

Classroom Knowledge Training

Students gain well-rounded understanding of Aisle Master technology, capacities and workplace safety through classroom theory sessions covering:

  • Key components, systems and features
  • Load capacity calculations and limits
  • Battery charging, maintenance and optimization
  • Recognizing potential hazards and risks
  • Accident prevention and adherence to safety protocols

Extensive Practical Skills Training

The majority of courses involve hands-on practice operating Aisle Masters to build core skills:

  • Performing start-up inspection and basic maintenance
  • Mounting, dismounting and manoeuvring in tight aisles
  • Smooth and precise steering articulation
  • Lifting, driving and depositing loads
  • Working efficiently at height with racks
  • Multi-point turning and sideways manoeuvring
  • Handling various pallet configurations

Assessment Testing

To achieve certification, trainees must pass:

  • A written exam covering truck features, safety and procedures
  • A hands-on evaluation of operational skills

Forklift Operator Certification

Upon successful training completion and testing, we award graduates an industry-standard Aisle Master forklift operator certificate valid for 5 years.

Aisle Master Rental Services from TAG Forklifts

Along with certification training, TAG Forklifts are able to offer reliable Aisle Master rentals featuring both short and long-term rental periods to suit your needs. From our base of operations in Manchester, we can also provide quick delivery options across the North-West, including Liverpool, Preston, St. Helens and further afield. 

Our Aisle Master fleet is maintained to an extremely high standard, and you can be assured that any forklifts you rent from our team will provide a reliable, impeccable services. When paired with our unbeatable customer services, we can ensure your forklift rental period is a simple, stress-free and affordable as possible. 

Ongoing Support after Aisle Master Training

TAG Forklifts provides extensive ongoing support to help maintain operator skills and performance:

  • Refresher Training – We offer condensed refresher courses to reinforce proper operation and update certifications.
  • Troubleshooting Assistance – Our instructors are available by phone and email to provide troubleshooting advice.
  • Maintenance Support – We can help optimise preventative maintenance practices for your Aisle Master fleet.
  • Safety Updates – Operators are kept informed regarding any updated forklift safety regulations and protocols.
  • Performance Monitoring – On request, instructors will re-evaluate operators and provide post-training advice to refine skills.

By leveraging TAG Forklifts’ ongoing support services, companies can maximise their training investment while enhancing operator technique and safety over time.

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