Category B1 Counterbalance Forklift Training

At TAG Forklifts, we offer specialised forklift training and certification for Category B1 counterbalance forklift operators. These versatile trucks, designed for loads up to 5 tonnes, feature a counterweight that enables lifting heavier front loads.

Our hands-on Category B1 courses will equip you with the skills to expertly operate these essential counterbalance lifts.

What are Category B1 Counterbalance Forklifts?

Category B1 covers versatile counterbalance forklifts designed to lift and transfer loads up to 5000 kg or 5 metric tonnes. These powerful lift trucks utilise weights mounted at the rear to counterbalance heavier loads on the front carriage and forks.

Counterbalance forklifts in the B1 category possess a number of key features that make them well-suited for heavy lifting tasks:

  • Powerful Engines – They are engine-powered using diesel, LPG or electric motors, giving them the strength to lift and carry loads up to 5 tonnes.
  • Load Capacity – Their maximum load capacity is 5000 kg when the load is evenly distributed on the forks and the centre of gravity is near the mast. This makes them ideal for moving standard pallets.
  • Mast Height – Category B1 masts extend up to 5 metres high when upright. This allows stacking loads on racks or loading trucks with high decks. The mast tilts forward to pick up and deposit loads at ground level.
  • Travel Speed – When unloaded, B1 counterbalance forklifts can travel at speeds up to 25 km/h. This facilitates efficient movement around warehouses, construction sites and other operating environments. Speeds are reduced when carrying heavier loads.

With their combination of power, stability, reach and manoeuvrability, category B1 counterbalance forklifts can efficiently handle a wide variety of lifting, shifting and stacking tasks. This makes them a versatile choice suitable for many different operating environments and applications.

What are Aisle Master Forklifts Used For?

Aisle Masters excel in environments where space is extremely limited but storage density and access must be maximised. Common applications include:

  • Warehouses – The exceptional manoeuvrability and tight turning radius of Aisle Masters makes them ideal for narrow aisle order picking, replenishment, put-away and other inventory handling tasks. They can navigate easily through warehouse racking and shelving to optimise storage space.
  • Cold Storage & Freezer Facilities – Accessing pallets deep within freezer racking is made easy by the compact chassis and articulated steering of Aisle Masters. Their cold-rated components allow operation even in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Retail Store Backrooms – The confined spaces of retail store backrooms and narrow stockrooms are a perfect match for Aisle Masters. Their tight operating envelope allows efficient stock rotation and inventory management.
  • Facilities with Compact Racking – Any facility using very narrow aisle pallet racking and shelving benefits enormously from Aisle Masters. They minimise wasted space around aisles to optimise storage density.

Aisle Master forklifts allow users to maximise inventory capacity and access, even within the most confined operating environments.

Why Train with TAG Forklifts?

Choosing to get your category B1 counterbalance forklift certification through TAG Forklifts delivers important advantages:

Hands-On Training from Highly Experienced Instructors

Our courses are led by Registered Training Instructors for the Trainer and Handler (RTITB) certified instructors who have decades of real-world experience operating all types of forklifts. Their depth of knowledge and practical skills equip them to thoroughly train students on proper and safe counterbalance forklift operation.

Custom Programs Tailored to Your Specific Needs

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our instructors will consult with you before the course to understand your particular workplace conditions and typical lifting requirements. We then tailor the training program to match your unique environment, hazards and operating needs. This custom focus ensures the training is as relevant as possible.

Learn on Well-Maintained Equipment

You will be training on our modern fleet of category B1 counterbalance forklift trucks. This enables you to hone your skills on well-maintained forklifts set up to proper operating specifications. Our trucks cover a range of makes and models so you gain exposure to different machine handling dynamics.

Gain Official Licensing to Legally Operate Trucks

Upon successful completion of our training program, you’ll be certified as a competent and qualified counterbalance forklift truck operator. This certification is nationally recognized and legally required for anyone operating counterbalance lifts.

Flexible Schedule Options

We want to make it as easy as possible to fit forklift training into your busy life. Our programs are available on weekdays, weekends and evenings.

Strong Emphasis on Proper Workplace Health and Safety Protocols

We deeply instil the importance of following proper safety protocols when operating counterbalance forklifts. This includes hazard awareness, accident prevention, personal protective equipment use, and understanding health and safety responsibilities. We want to develop not just capable operators, but responsible professionals.

Course Overview and Components

Our comprehensive counterbalance forklift training provides both detailed theoretical knowledge and extensive practical instruction.

Classroom Theory and Knowledge Training

Students first gain well-rounded knowledge through classroom sessions covering topics like:

  • The applications, features and capabilities of different counterbalance forklifts
  • How to interpret capacity charts and understand truck ratings
  • The function of key components like masts, carriages and attachments
  • How to calculate loads and centre of gravity
  • Workplace hazards and risks associated with counterbalance trucks
  • Health and safety responsibilities of operators

Hands-On Practical Training

We then move to hands-on areas to drill and reinforce real-world skills, including:

  • Conducting pre-use inspections and basic maintenance
  • Proper procedures for mounting and dismounting trucks
  • Starting up, driving and manoeuvring counterbalance forklifts
  • Lifting, transporting and depositing different types of loads
  • Stacking and de-stacking loads on racks and shelves
  • Loading and unloading trucks and lorries
  • Operating counterbalance lifts in tight spaces and confined areas
  • Responding appropriately to workplace hazards and emergencies

Assessment of Competence

Trainees must pass two assessments to confirm their competence:

  • A written test demonstrating sufficient knowledge of theory, hazards, safety and procedures
  • A practical operational test proving they can safely and skillfully operate counterbalance forklifts


Upon successful completion of the training program and passing both assessments, trainees will be awarded an industry-recognized counterbalance forklift operator certificate. Certification is valid for 5 years, after which refresher training is recommended.

Category B1 Forklift Rental

In addition to training, TAG Forklifts offers category B1 counterbalance forklift rentals. We maintain a modern fleet of trucks ranging from 1 to 5 tonnes capacity. Forklift rentals are available for:

  • Short term rentals – From daily to monthly
  • Long term rentals – 3 months up to a year
  • Last minute rentals to meet urgent needs

We pride ourselves on providing reliable trucks at competitive rental rates along with flexible terms, quick delivery across the North West region and 24/7 breakdown assistance.

Whether you need a rental forklift for practice before training or require trucks for an upcoming project, TAG Forklifts can provide the ideal counterbalance lift to match your specific requirements. Our friendly team will handle everything from delivery to maintenance.

For Category B1 Counterbalance Forklift Training, Call TAG Forklifts Today

TAG Forklifts is a family-owned company that has been providing specialist forklift training and rental services since 1992.

Our highly experienced instructors take pride in delivering practical, job-focused counterbalance forklift training utilising well-maintained equipment. In 2024, we’re preparing to open a dedicated training centre in Manchester featuring classroom facilities, warehouse environments and outdoor training areas. This helps trainees learn in realistic workplace conditions.

With three decades of experience, a modern truck rental fleet, flexible services and unbeatable expertise, TAG Forklifts is your ideal partner for category B1 counterbalance forklift certification and rentals in the North West region.

Contact us today to learn more about enrolling in our highly effective forklift training programs.