Category B2 Counterbalance Forklift Training

At TAG Forklifts, we provide comprehensive training and certification for category B2 counterbalance forklift operation, equipping trainees with the expertise to safely handle trucks from 5 to 10 tonnes capacity.

If you’re looking for trusted, expereinced forklift training in Manchester and across the North-West, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

What Are Category B2 Counterbalance Forklifts?

Category B2 covers heavier-duty counterbalance forklift trucks designed for more demanding lifting and load handling applications from 5 to 10 metric tonnes.

These more robust lift trucks utilise larger rear-mounted counterweights to provide stability when lifting substantial loads on the front carriage and forks.

Key features of category B2 counterbalance forklifts:

  • Powerful Diesel, LPG or Electric Motors – Provide high torque and horsepower outputs required to reliably lift up to 10 tonnes.
  • Increased Load Capacity – With even weight distribution on the forks, B2 trucks can safely handle 5 to 10 tonne loads. Their masts, carriages and other load-bearing components are reinforced.
  • Stronger and Taller Masts – Category B2 masts extend well over 5 metres when upright to facilitate high stacking of heavy loads on racks and shelving.
  • Slower Travel Speeds – Loaded travel speeds are reduced to under 20 km/h for secure handling of heavier loads during transport. Unloaded speeds up to 25 km/h.

With their extra power, stability and robustness, category B2 counterbalance forklifts readily take on more strenuous lifting, shifting and stacking applications. This makes them well-suited to environments like construction sites, mining, timber mills, and other heavy industries.

Why Train for Your B2 Certification with TAG Forklifts?

Choosing TAG Forklifts for your category B2 counterbalance forklift certification delivers important advantages:

  • Highly Experienced Instructors – Our RTITB certified instructors possess comprehensive knowledge of larger capacity counterbalance forklift operation from hands-on experience.
  • Customised Training – We consult with trainees to tailor the course to your specific heavy load handling requirements and operating environment. This focused approach ensures maximum relevance.
  • Modern Training Fleet – We train on our own well-maintained fleet of late-model B2 counterbalance forklifts ranging from 5 to 10 tonnes capacity. This provides exposure to various truck makes and models.
  • Gain Official Licensing – Upon successful course completion, graduates are certified as competent B2 operators, legally authorised to operate counterbalance trucks up to 10 tonnes.
  • Flexible Course Scheduling – We offer our B2 training on weekdays, weekends and evenings to accommodate any schedule.
  • Strong Emphasis on Safety – Working with multi-tonne loads requires stringent safety diligence. We thoroughly instil vital safety protocols for category B2 counterbalance forklift operation.

Our Category B2 Counterbalance Forklift Training

Our in-depth B2 counterbalance forklift certification program provides a balanced mix of theoretical education and hands-on skills training:

  • Classroom Theory Training – Covers truck features, capacity calculations, maintenance, fuelling/recharging, workplace hazards, safe operating practices, accident prevention and health and safety responsibilities.
  • Practical Skills Training – Extensive time spent actively operating B2 counterbalance forklifts to develop core skills:
    • Performing pre-start inspections and basic maintenance
    • Mounting and dismounting procedures
    • Starting up, driving, steering, manoeuvring
    • Lifting, transporting and placing heavier loads
    • Stacking and retrieving loads at height
    • Loading and unloading trucks/railcars
    • Handling loads on ramps and inclines
    • Operation in confined spaces and tight clearances
  • Assessment Testing – Trainees must pass a written exam on lift truck theory and procedures, as well as a practical test confirming competent operation.

Certification – Upon successful completion, operators receive a nationally recognized certificate in Category B2 counterbalance forklift operation valid for 5 years.

Category B2 Counterbalance Forklift Rentals

In addition to certification training, TAG Forklifts offers reliable category B2 counterbalance forklift rentals from 5 to 10 tonnes capacity.

Our rental services provide:

  • Both short and long term rental periods to match project needs
  • Competitive rates coupled with flexible terms
  • A modern, well-maintained rental fleet minimising breakdowns
  • Quick delivery throughout the North West region
  • Friendly and responsive customer service

Whether you need short-term rentals for your operators-in-training to gain practice, or require B2 counterbalance forklifts for an upcoming industrial or construction project, TAG Forklifts has the ideal truck to suit your specific heavy lifting needs.

For Category B2 Counterbalance Forklift Training, Call TAG Forklifts

TAG Forklifts is a family-owned company with over 30 years experience delivering specialist forklift operator training and rental services across the North West.

Our team of highly skilled instructors takes great pride in providing practical, job-focused category B2 counterbalance forklift training on well-maintained equipment. We’re preparing to open a dedicated training centre in Manchester in 2024 featuring both classroom facilities and realistic work areas.

With decades of experience, a modern rental fleet, flexible services and unparalleled expertise, TAG Forklifts is your ideal partner for category B2 counterbalance forklift certification and rentals.

Contact our team today to learn more about enrolling in our highly effective B2 counterbalance forklift training and certification program.