Reach Truck (Category D1) Training

At TAG Forklifts, we provide focused reach truck training to certify operators to expertly handle these specialised forklifts designed for narrow aisle environments. 

Whether you’re a newbie looking to learn how to operate a Category D1 reach truck, or you’re an experienced operator looking for a refresher training course from an RTITB approved instructor, don’t hesitate to call the experienced TAG Forklifts training team today.

What Are Reach Trucks?

Reach trucks are purpose-built electric forklifts engineered specifically for warehouse applications. They utilise a telescoping mast that allows the forks to extend forwards to “reach” into and retrieve loads from narrow aisle racking and shelving systems.

Key features of reach trucks:

  • Compact Chassis – A narrow wheeled base enables manoeuvring in tight aisle ways as narrow as 2.1 metres.
  • Telescoping Mast – The multi-stage mast extends forwards up to 1.6 metres to precisely place and retrieve loads into racking.
  • Minimum Counterweight – A lighter rear end improves manoeuvrability in congested spaces.
  • Load Capacity – Typically between 1 to 2.5 metric tonnes.
  • Fork Options – Single, double or triple forks configurations are available.
  • Dual Control – Operators can choose between a stand-up or sit-down working position.

With their ability to operate in confined spaces and lift loads to heights over 5 metres on racks, reach trucks are ideal for warehouse inventory picking, put-away, replenishment and other narrow aisle handling tasks.

Applications of Reach Trucks

Reach trucks excel at material handling tasks in storage facilities where space is extremely limited, including:

  • Order Picking – The telescoping mast allows efficient, accurate retrieval of pallets deep within shelving.
  • Put-Away – Loads can be precisely positioned into racking at heights over 5 metres.
  • Replenishment – Inventory can be rapidly cycled from reserve storage to pick locations.
  • Work-In-Process Storage – Reach trucks can access parts inventory for manufacturing.
  • Cold Storage – Heated cabs allow operation even in deep freeze environments.

Advantages of Reach Trucks

Key benefits compared to standard forklifts include:

  • Compact size allows minimised aisle width to optimise storage density.
  • Telescoping masts provide access to racks up to 5+ metres high.
  • Tight turning capability facilitates operation in very narrow aisles.
  • Side-shifting forks enable efficient load retrieval and placement.
  • Excellent load control thanks to compact chassis size.
  • Choice of operator stance enhances comfort and visibility.

In summary, rich trucks enable warehouses to maximise storage capacity while optimising access, inventory cycling and picking productivity.

Why Train on Reach Trucks with TAG Forklifts?

Choosing TAG Forklifts for your reach truck certification provides important advantages:

  • Specialised Training – Our instructors are experts in reach truck operation, handling and safety.
  • Extensive Practical Training – We provide hours of hands-on driving time on reach trucks in our simulated warehouse training facility.
  • Well-Maintained Fleet – Our modern reach truck fleet is clean, functional and set up to proper specifications for ideal training.
  • Gain Official Licensing – Get certified to legally operate reach trucks up to 5000 kg capacity.
  • Flexible Course Scheduling – We offer weekday, weekend and evening reach truck training sessions to fit your schedule.
  • Strong Emphasis on Safety – We instil safe operating practices for reach truck use in confined spaces and at height.

Overview of Our Reach Truck Certification Program

Our reach truck certification program consists of:

  • Classroom Theory Training – Covers truck features, capacity calculations, battery management, workplace hazards, safety protocols.
  • Practical Skills Training – Hands-on operation of reach trucks to develop core skills:
    • Performing pre-start inspections and basic maintenance
    • Mounting and dismounting properly
    • Driving, steering and manoeuvring in tight spaces
    • Telescoping, elevating and tilting masts
    • Picking, placing and retrieving loads on racks
    • Handling different pallet configurations and odd-sized loads
    • Working safely at height
  • Assessment Testing – Written exam on theory and procedures, and practical test of operating skills.

Certification – Upon successful completion, operators receive an industry-recognized reach truck operator certificate valid for 5 years.

Reach Truck Rental Services

In addition to certification training, TAG Forklifts provides reliable reach truck rental units featuring:

  • Both short and long term rental periods
  • Quick delivery across the North West
  • A modern fleet of well-maintained reach trucks
  • Friendly customer service

Whether you need to reach trucks for training purposes or have an upcoming project requiring narrow aisle forklifts, our team can deliver the perfect truck tailored to your requirements.

For Reach Truck Training, Don’t Hesitate to Call TAG Forklifts Today

TAG Forklifts is a family-owned company with over 30 years experience providing specialist forklift training and rental services across the North West.

Our highly skilled instructors take great pride in delivering practical, hands-on reach truck courses using well-maintained equipment. We’re preparing to open a dedicated training centre in 2024 housing classroom facilities and warehouse environments to facilitate true-to-life education.

With decades of experience, flexible services and unrivalled expertise, TAG Forklifts is your ideal partner for reaching truck certification and rentals.

Contact us today to learn more about enrolling in our highly effective reach truck training and licensing program.