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New electric forklifts from Linde Material Handling reach the performance level of IC trucks

More and more companies are turning to electric forklifts to make their intralogistics as sustainable and climate-neutral as possible.

These battery-powered vehicles do not give off any emissions during operation and do not produce any harmful CO2 so long as the electricity is generated from renewable sources such as wind, solar or biomass.

The only shortcoming of this type of drive is the fact that for certain applications, IC trucks still demonstrated superiority. That is until recently.

“Many of our customers were keen to switch to electric trucks, but they were not willing to forego the familiar performance, ground clearance, robustness, decoupled driver’s cabins and the ergonomic features offered by Linde hydrostats,” says Björn Walter, Senior Product Manager Counterbalance Trucks at Linde Material Handling.

In addition to sustainability, there are other reasons that make the use of electric trucks attractive: self-generated electricity, for example, which enables the industrial trucks to be operated cost-effectively, or the quiet engines that prevent noise pollution in the vicinity.

The new Linde X20 – X35 electric forklift models in the load capacity range from 2.0 to 3.5 tons are the first electric trucks to match the performance and robustness of Linde’s hydrostats, while offering the additional environmental benefits of battery-powered operation.

When it came to developing a powerful, robust electric forklift, those responsible for the project at Linde Material Handling quickly realized that it would not be possible to achieve the desired results by simply increasing the power output.

“That’s why we decided to design a completely new model series that combines the positive characteristics of our IC trucks with the advantages of traditional electric trucks. These represent a real alternative for our discerning customers, particularly those in the construction materials, beverages, steel and iron, paper, wood and recycling sectors where applications are extremely demanding,” reports Björn Walter. “At the same time, there still had to be an extremely maneuverable standard electric forklift truck available – which should of course be equipped with all the new functionalities of the platform concept.

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