What Are the Advantages of a Multi-Directional Forklift?

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Forklift trucks are essential materials handling equipment designed for moving, lifting and loading heavy items. They come in many sizes, models and specifications, all of which suit different environments and purposes.

One particularly versatile piece of machinery is the multi-directional forklift. This highly manoeuvrable forklift truck is a great all-rounder, offering all the benefits of sideloaders, counterbalance and narrow-aisle forklifts in one.

At TAG Forklift Truck Services, we understand the importance of choosing the right forklift truck for your needs. In this guide, we’ll explain what multi-directional forklifts are and discuss some of their main advantages.

What Is a Multi-Directional Forklift Truck?

A multi-directional, multi-way or omni-directional forklift is a type of forklift truck designed for optimum manoeuvrability. It can move forwards, backwards, diagonally and laterally (side to side).

Thanks to their all-wheel drive design, multi-directional forklift trucks have zero turning radius. They can travel in any direction in a straight line from a stationary position. This allows them to travel parallel to obstacles and traverse tight corners with ease.

One of the most well-known brands is the Combilift multi-directional forklift. These innovative machines come in a variety of models, with a lift height of up to 12 metres and a weight capacity of up to 25,000kg.

What Are the Benefits of Multi-Directional Forklifts?

A- multi-directional forklift is a highly versatile piece of machinery designed to improve productivity, safety and efficiency. If you are planning to buy or hire a forklift truck, you may be wondering what benefits they offer over conventional models. Here are some of their main advantages.

Great Manoeuvrability

The main draw of multi-directional forklift trucks is their impressive agility. With 360 degree rotation and forklift multi-directional wheels, they can move quickly and safely through narrow doorways, warehouse aisles and around tight corners. This makes them ideal for busy working environments that require precise manoeuvring around obstacles.

A 4-wheel counterbalance  truck can also switch between lateral and forward/backward movement instantly, without stopping the vehicle. This helps workers to complete jobs more efficiently, especially in areas where space is limited.

Save Storage Space

Similar to narrow aisle forklifts, multi-directional lift trucks have a compact design. However, they have the added benefit of no turning circle, and the ability to transport, load and unload materials from any angle. This means that they can access awkward and hard-to-reach areas that would be off-limits to other models.

Furthermore, they can transport goods down long, narrow aisles without requiring room to turn around at the end. So, the aisle only needs to be as wide as the machine itself. This gives you extra room for storage and racking, allowing you to take full advantage of your available space.

Ideal for Long and Heavy Loads

Multi-directional forklifts have the unique ability to carry materials from the front and the side. Some, such as the Combilift C25000, can handle heavy palletised loads of up to 25,000kg. They can also transport unusually-shaped and long loads with ease, making them incredibly versatile. 

Their intelligent design means that, whether they are moving forwards, backwards or sideways, they won’t topple over. A standard multi-direction forklift has adjustable forks to adapt to different length loads, and will fit various forklift attachments. This gives them all the benefits of sideloaders and counterbalanced forklifts in one all-purpose vehicle.

All-Round Visibility

Modern multi-directional forklift trucks are built with safety and performance at the forefront of the design. They offer good all-round visibility from every angle, no matter which direction the vehicle is travelling in.

In addition, many models feature wireless cameras and a digital display showing the position of the wheels. This gives the operator full awareness of their location and surroundings before beginning a manoeuvre.

Work Indoors and Out

Most multi-directional forklifts are highly adaptable to a variety of different working environments. With a robust, heavy-duty design and tyres that can handle uneven terrain, they perform well outdoors. However, their compact size, precise manoeuvring and speed control also makes them ideal for indoor settings such as warehouses.

This eliminates the need for multiple trucks, helping to reduce the cost of buying or hiring forklifts. Additionally, workers will not need to switch between indoor and outdoor vehicles when carrying out tasks such as moving materials between buildings. This helps save time and increase productivity.

Choice of Engine Types

There are many models of multi-directional forklift available on the market, including electric, diesel and LPG gas models. This allows you to select the ideal fuel source according to your needs. You’ll have plenty of choice whether you are renting, buying new or searching for used forklifts for sale.

Electric forklifts are quiet, emission-free and economical to run. Diesel models are robust, powerful and can run for long periods without stopping to charge. LPG forklifts offer a good balance, though may be more expensive to maintain.

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