What is an articulated forklift?

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As a leading independent provider of forklift trucks and material handling equipment since 1994, TAG Forklift Truck Services are proud to offer a wide range of forklift trucks for hire and purchase across the North West.

We can provide different types of forklift, from just one truck to help increase productivity to an entire fleet for a fully-automated warehouse operation, including narrow-aisle articulated forklift trucks.

Discover The Benefits of Articulated Forklift Trucks

Narrow-aisle (VNA) forklifts are available in different forms, including reach trucks and the modern articulated forklift. In terms of average and maximum load weight requirements, articulated forklifts are similar to reach trucks. However, articulated forklifts can perform in even tighter aisles and offer a safe and comfortable experience for the forklift truck driver.

Articulated Forklift Trucks can also help to increase productivity and improve efficiency due to their fast movements. When you choose an articulated forklift for your business operation, you’ll benefit from a narrow-aisle forklift and a traditional counterbalance forklift in one machine.

Competitively-priced, Articulated forklifts also offer a cost-effective solution for your business. Especially when you consider the benefits of using an articulated forklift truck, including:

Extra Storage Space

Using a narrow-aisle VNA articulated forklift truck can help you to create extra storage space (up to 50% more) and optimise your warehouse or business premise as an articulated forklift truck can manoeuvre narrow aisles. 

Improve Efficiency

Articulated forklifts can help to create a safe and fast-operating warehouse. Most articulated forklifts are suitable for a wide range of applications as well as indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for narrow aisles, articulated forklifts allow the driver to lift from the side, meaning shelves can be closer together as no turning circle is necessary.

Increase Productivity

Choosing an articulated forklift truck can also drastically increase productivity at your business operation. Articulated trucks boast the specification of both a reach truck and a counterbalance truck combined, meaning you can lift from height then transport the load using just one machine! Many articulated forklifts also operate with a lithium battery, meaning they boast a longer battery life-span than other forklifts, give off zero emissions, boast no fuel costs and require less maintenance.

Buy or Hire Articulated Forklifts at TAG

Based in Manchester, we offer our forklift truck service throughout the North west, including Liverpool, Warrington, Bolton, Stockport, Bury and Cheshire. We also offer a free on-site survey on request to help you optimise your forklift operation and advise you on the most suitable material handling equipment for your business.

Discover our range of articulated forklifts at TAG, including industry-leading AisleMaster Forklift Trucks, and call the TAG Forklifts team today on 0161 848 0555 or complete our contact form for more information on forklift hire or buying a forklift.