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New Service Management Software Goes Live

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TAG are pleased to announce that this week has seen our new service management system go live. While this has been a busy and challenging time the launch has generally gone smoothly. Thanks to everyone on the team for their hard work and making this transition so successful.

High levels of service and customer satisfaction have always been at the heart of what we offer at TAG.

As our business grows it is vital that we constantly strive to improve the efficiency our our operations and maintain the high levels of customer service that have earned us our enviable reputation and made us so successful. 

The software was designed specifically for equipment supply, installation, maintenance and hire companies to maximise their potential. Over the years the product has evolved to be the premium choice for companies who are serious about good field service management.

This new field service management software will provide one seamless platform to more efficiently manage many aspects of what we do. Such as:

  • job management
  • tracking of equipment
  • parts control
  • the sales process – enquiry, quotation, order and invoice
  • management of service agreements
  • business management information and job costings

This new system will offer our customers an even more efficient service with faster response times and more information on the progress of their job or order. In the future they will also enjoy better visibility of their account as ultimately, once the system is established, they will be able to log-on to see various documents. Minimising paperwork and improving their efficiency.